About Us

With MISS DALIDA born in 2001, we have created collections that constantly renew themselves, without compromising our high quality standards, since our establishment. We have always adopted the principle of making a healthy production with the natural ingredients and special Italian yarns and fabrics we use.

We made a difference with colorful, functional and timeless designs that offer comfort and elegance together in the social and daily life of the modern urban woman. With MISS DALIDA, which has a reliable and solid foundation in the sector, we aim to develop our sales network in our country and to increase our awareness abroad, to make our brand a sought-after brand in the international arena.

“Completing its plain and simple stance with its perfect sense of style, MISS DALIDA renews itself every season with an unchanging sense of quality.
MISS DALIDA continues to be the choice of women who make a difference with their style.. ”