Taking her strength from her roots, Miss Dalida is on the way to create a heritage brand that appeals to the 5 senses with its innovative products that are passed on from generation to generation with the experience of the past and the light of the future.

Miss Dalida, whose essence is love, does not compromise on production and material quality, and continues to grow and develop with the motto of “happy employee – happy consumer“, strictly adhering to its in-house principles and values.

It comes to life in products as a symbol with 3 STONES.


  • Love: To the employee, supplier, colleague, consumer
  • Respect for people, nature, animals, all living things
  • Responsibility: To the geography we live in, to the world

    Open positions


    We will meet with our energetic experience and embark on a successful journey together.
    You will strengthen your career with a unique internship experience at Miss Dalida.

    Our internship posting will always be open for young talents who want to experience working at Miss Dalida at different times!